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Reasons to choose this property:

  1. Strategic location – close to major cities, National parks, Airports and border crossing with European Union (Croatia)

  2. Good traffic connections

  3. Natural environment (park and forest view, river, promenade, mountain trail)

  4. High-quality construction of building (possibility to upgrade additional floor and get more space)

  5. Open space interior (easy adaptable for chosen purpose)

  6. Great position of building to make teraces with forest view and balconies with park view

  7. Elevator

  8. Storages

  9. Parking

  10. Courtyard (with trees and space for fountain and benches)

  11. Electrical transformer substation on the property area (Power: 630 kVA)

  12. Three accesses to the building (pedestrian, passenger cars and commercial access)

  13. Nearby handball court, soccer field, outdoor pool (not in function but it can be renovated)

  14. Suitable for different types of purposes

  15. Business Friendly Certificate of City Prijedor. To read more please follow this LINK.

Reasons to invest:

  1. Low operating costs (taxes, electricity, utility, telecommunication, construction costs, etc.)

  2. Stable financial sector – stable currency (1 KM = 0.51 EUR)

  3. Local government support

  4. Favourable legal environment – National treatment of foreign investors (FDI Law)

  5. Favourable trade and other agreements

  6. Competitively priced and qualified human resource

  7. Natural resources and environment

  8. Favourable tax and custom system


  • Value-Added Tax (VAT)17%

  • Corporate Income Tax (CIT)10%

  • Personal Income Tax (PIT)10%

Examples in EU countries:

  • Croatia: VAT 25%, CIT 20%

  • Italy: VAT 22%, CIT 24%

  • Germany: VAT 19%, CIT 30%

  • France: VAT 20%, CIT 31%


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